2022-07-03: The good part about 3 day holiday weekends is it gives me time to build web things without … 2022-06-18: I think this might be my «old and cranky» day. And I don’t think they are keen on me either. Seems like most retroweb (think Neocities) websites have a guestbook. I’ll just have to hang on and look for them and hope it’s not too late. New York has put down its own taco roots, but it’s still in the early stages of coming into its own. The place was pretty well stocked although I didn’t go down the … Golems will bow down before you. 2022-07-03: Tonight’s meal will be frozen Chimichangas microwaved to perfection, refried beans and Spanish … The question being will Quill and MB … As lingering as it is not full office, you will be pleasantly astonish. 2022-07-08: Lizard people armed with French baguettes are coming to take away our pickup trucks. 2019-05-14: A lot of people have become disillusioned with the traditional political elites and parties of both … 2022-06-22: Should Blogs Have a Guestbook? 2022-06-22: Marketers are apex predators: From ‘carp’ to ‘copi’: Unpopular fish getting … Nudity, escorts, and ads involving sexual gift are not admit.

If you are lucky enough to have a prostate massage specialist in your area, do not hesitate to meet with them, even if only once to study how to you can do this therapy yourself. If I forget them I can get … 2022-07-25: Huge mega cities get super hero’s like Super Man and Bat Man. Very, very broadly speaking, a working-class person (that is, not an «owner» like a CEO, landlord, or investment banker) lives their life in three kinds of places. We take care of the marketing to make their lives easier. Before the massage startle, you should take a have alone or together with your masseuse second-hand a delicate and odorless shampoo gel depending on the example of shampoo you choose. Allow this hot, curvy, strain diet take you into the heights of relaxation medley with immoderate enjoyment. 2022-06-15: If Mars type aliens invade in their saucers to steal our women we can discuss it. 2022-06-15: Dang. Long form blogging requires all this typing, spelling, grammar and shit. 2022-06-29: This is the stuff that makes me rant: Go to Alternativeto and read most of 130 blogging sites that …

2022-06-29: I don’t care if 30% of traffic is mobile I still prefer blog themes that have a sidebar. 2022-06-29: In case you missed it: What if You Combined a Webring with a Blogroll? 2022-06-16: My Retroweb Project List My Retroweb Project List I’m working on making a proper webring again except I’m … 2022-06-16: I hate WordPress widgets. 2022-06-26: Over on my WordPress blog I’m trying the plugin WP Dashboard Notes to keep reminders for … We skipped over massage and headed right for the action. You all know that, right? After repeated arrests, prosecutions, and convictions in Great Britain, the activist Stephen Gough sued at the European Court of Human Rights for the right to be nude in public outside of designated areas. It is hard to explain this move using words, but it feels great. You can have another man touch you on different parts of your body. There is evidence that the majority of women and girls in western societies have a negative body image, mainly regarding their size and weight. They all have … Please contact us apart to see if we can fulfill something particular you have in opinion. You can just not show up.

Additionally, each server can federate with each other, so that they all merge into an interconnected «Fediverse», just like the FidoNets and the FreeNodes of the past. 2022-07-01: I like Times New Roman as a font on web pages. Likewise, web browsers all display the same, standard HTML and CSS pages. Went all evil Web 2,0. They still … 2022-07-29: I still want at least 8 major English language web search engines with their own indexes. It would be like setting up town squares where small communities meet, but still attached to the greater world. It took us about three weeks to discover we didn’t like each other very much, but we made it work for two years. 2022-06-25: So I took my own advice and added a guestbook to the blog here. Here is my current shortlist. 2020-09-30: Early voting starts here on Oct. 6th. Shortly thereafter I shall vote. Here is where the erotic feeling of being massages by feet really go to the next level.

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